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Local – Film Photography One-on-One Film Workshop

Western Cape – Film Photography One-on-One Film Workshop

Date: TBC
Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Film Workshop
Duration: One Day or Weekend
Cost: ZAR 5000.00 Including film, camera hire, printing and developing
Workshop Size: Maximum of 6
Venue: Western Cape Surrounds, Worcester, South-Africa
Registration: https://www.craigfouche.co.za/local-film-photography-one-on-one/
Contact Us: https://www.craigfouche.co.za/lets-connect/

Film Workshop

Craig Fouché Photography proudly presents Film Photography One-on-One Photography Workshop on an exclusive one day or weekend workshop to help you conquer your fears regarding shooting film. On this film workshop I will teach you all that is needed for you to capture the look and feel you’re trying to achieve without presets and filters in Photoshop or Lightroom. Here we go absolutely analogue, by slowing down, going back to basics, focusing on what you have in camera and taking the best photo possible. To achieve this we will focus on photography’s roots – film. Film Workshop

The different size formats are as follows 35mm, medium format also called 120, 220 and 645, large format and ultra large format. I will teach you one of the three formats of film that I shoot, that is 35mm, 120 and 4×5″ large format on this film workshop. Depending on what format you are wanting to learn, this will also affect the cost involved. Film medium prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and size format too. Film Workshop

I will provide you 2 rolls of either colour, or 1 colour and black and white film in either 35mm or 120 – medium format, 10 sheets 4×5″ in either colour or black and white film. Should you require more film, the price will be affected by that. In 35mm, there are 36 frames per roll, 120 – 12 frames or more depending on the medium format system you are using per roll, and large format uses sheets which need to be loaded in a darkroom or changing bag.

Step one is where I will go in-depth into getting started with film, which film works for you, how to meter light, and how to work with a lab when processing your images. You will also learn just how forgiving film can be when it comes to exposure.

Step two is where you will also learn how to develop your film by hand and wait with bated breath to see if you all your images came out or not.

Step three is where I will take you through the printing process in the darkroom and you can watch your images come to life before your very eyes!

We will be shooting outdoors or in the studio if you so desire, or at a studio of your choosing, I have a small home studio in Worcester.

Film Workshop

In The Studio With Large Format

Adobe very cleverly called their developing software Lightroom! Tools like Dodge and Burn and many more, these techniques were all originally done in the darkroom! I will be teaching you how to do this the old school way so when it comes to editing digital images you will have a full understanding of what you are doing. Digital noise, yes we love that in film, it is called grain, this adds character to your images. I will teach you how to add grain or minimise grain during development. Film Workshop

See you at my film workshop!

Your Hosts and Instructor

CRAIG FOUCHÉ – Photographer

I am a Western Cape Winelands photographer based in South Africa, photographing locally and internationally. I am a registered NPS (Nikon Professional Services) member, a contributor to Nikon South Africa’s social media pages and website. I photograph a broad variety of genres, using film – 35mm, 120, 127 and 4×5″, 5×7″ & 8×10″ format as well as digital medium and are very passionate about my work.

My work has been published several times in SA4x4, HIGH LIFE (British Airways Magazine), Getaway Magazine, Wildside Magazine and Weg!/go! Magazine. I finished as a Top Ten finalist in the 2016 Getaway Magazine Gallery Competition, finishing with Highly Commended. The South-African national news broadcaster eNCA has also made use of video footage that I have produced.


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