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Welcome to Craig Fouché Photography! This is a celebratory journey of my photographic work, where you can enjoy the images displayed, hire me for your photographic needs, and comment on my blog, or find me on my Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and my Twitter pages. I am South-African born, Western Cape, Winelands based photographer from Worcester, South-Africa, capturing amazing images both locally and internationally.

I offer my clients, both locally and internationally, the best quality, professional photography available, creating artwork and lasting memories, leaving positive and lasting impressions on my clients, as well as those that see my images that my clients have commissioned; my images attest to that. I am highly motivated and dedicated in my line of work, its a passion! For me, above and beyond is my standard. My style of photography is often difficult to describe, but photographs that I create speak for themselves.

Have a look at my various pages and you decide…

I believe in simplicity. A strong photograph does not need fancy lighting, weird angles and all technical mumbo jumbo. I believe in clean and simple portraits, as they hold the true emotions and character of the persons in the photograph. Sometimes monochrome is the only way to achieve this result more effectively, it tells and sells the story in the best possible way.

When I photograph someone, I am capturing an event or documenting a moment in time of their lives, not just what they look like, but who they are as people. I love family portraiture and couples photography, which can either be shot in my studio or a venue of your choice. I work with normal, everyday people. Not everyone is comfortable being in front of the cameras, and often this will lead to photographs that seem awkward, unnatural and emotionless. With my friendly, easy going nature, I will always ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed with your shoot, and make it as much fun as possible. In the studio the photographer is more in control of the lighting and can setup a specific pose and mood. Photographing a new born baby is very special, a brand new life, perfectly formed and uncomplicated. Kids are always fun to photograph; they have the ability to make you smile with their utmost innocence and carefree playfulness. Adults can be just as much fun!

I am always looking forward to be shooting at another event or function, and will go the extra distance to ensure that your shoot goes smoothly; and I also have no issues traveling to your venue. My other specialties are Landscapes (in all its forms), Sport, Travel and Wildlife. I enjoy pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new ideas; not always knowing what the results will be. I use film (35mm, 120 format and large format), digital and infrared medium to capture my images.

Being an outdoors person who loves photographing the beauty of the natural world, some of my favourite places are The Karoo, Cape Winelands, Madikwe Game Reserve, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Kruger National Park, Drakensberg, Western Cape and the South African coast lines. Internationally, Croatia, UAE (Dubai) and Zanzibar really work for me!

When I capture wildlife images, it tells a story about their unique interaction with the natural world. I am so blessed to live in South Africa with all its diverse fauna, flora, people and beauty, and all that it has to offer photographically.

I began photography on film in 1999, and  later moved on to digital and stopped in 2005 for a season. I recently picked up my gear and began shooting again. My photography is an exciting work in progress, as one never stops learning, and I will still be growing and learning ten years from now.

My work has been featured in South-African magazines in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2016. I am also a Top Ten finalist in the Getaway Magazine Gallery 2016 competition, finishing with a Highly Commended placement.

On the 30th July 2014, I proudly became registered with Nikon as a NPU (Nikon Professional User). When I began watermarking my work online, all my images bore the NPU logo as well as my company logo; I have now gone for a more simplistic fine art feel, with just my company name and website watermarking my online images.

This is my company logo that I use on my business cards, branded clothing and vehicle:

My printed works bear the following logo:

I am a satisfied user of unsponsored Nikon, Pentax, Mamiya, Shen Hao, Sigma, Manfrotto and Elinchrom professional equipment, all of which I own.


In addition to my NPU registration, I have also been registered by Nikon South-Africa as of 12 May 2015 as a NPS (Nikon Professional Services) client, which provides support of selected local service centers locally and abroad, that offer emergency repair services for NPS members visiting from another country. This helps a great deal when one is shooting abroad and you have issues with your equipment, or it becomes faulty and a back up is needed. Further information on NPS can be found here and where I also feature on the South-African NPS site.


I have works that also feature on Nikon South-Africa’s website and social media pages.

Thank you for visiting my site, enjoy, and feel free to contact me or follow my social media channels.

Please note, all images are of a high quality / resolution and have been resized to 1000px in either portrait or landscape format for your optimal viewing pleasure, some images or slideshows may take some time to open. Thank you for your patience and understanding. All images have been edited with either Google / DXO Nik Collection, Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Photoshop CC and or a combination of all three. I only shoot in RAW format  for optimal image quality.

All my images are available for purchase as prints. Digital images can be used under license agreement. Should you wish to purchase or license my images, please click here for more information, so I can assist you with your needs. I also make use of Nikon Image Space for the preview of photographic shoots that I have done and those galleries are private. More information about this service can be can be found here.


My Home Page is a quick overview of my portfolio in the form of a simple slide show at the bottom of my page. Take some to to view the rest of my work in the other pages. Each page will grow over time as more images, products and services are added. I use digital, infrared and film medium to capture my images.

Welcome to my world of photography and how I see things!


Come and experience landscapes like you have never seem them before. My landscape photography ranges from wide open vistas, to stormy and dramatic seascapes, stars, waterfalls, mountain ranges, majestic oceans, volcanoes, ice and aerial photography.


Events, people and sport photography offers me the challenge necessary to capture the emotions and special moments that only live action event can offer. This is unposed, pure spur of the moment action waiting to be captured, I shoot a variety of sports. I also do studio and outdoor portraiture photography.


I use film – yes film in small or 35mm format, 120 or medium format and 4×5 or large format, film is still very much alive and well, and adds a whole different dimension to the images I capture. I use Nikon, Pentax, Mamiya and Shen Hao equipment for my film photography.


Come read about my experiences, travels, my shoots and my clients. From personal experiences to ”how-to posts”, I have them all. Not all the blogs are written by me, sharing of knowledge is how we learn from others. Feel free to comment on the posts and to share on social media.


Photography is one of the most readily available and accessible forms of creative expression, and many of us have used cameras since we can remember and have been old enough to hold one in our hands. Craig Fouché Photography offers workshops, either on a one-on-one basis or in a group format. I will show you how you can get the most out of your camera, by taking creative control of it and getting you started on your own image-making adventure!

Since the advent of mobile camera phones, photography has been made more readily available to the normal man on the street. Those that choose to make a profession from it, usually invest heavily in their education, equipment and the art of running a business. The hobbyist, is not concerned with the top of the range equipment and are usually looking more to improve their craft at capturing amazing images. This is why I run workshops, knowledge is power.


Sales & Prints

I am able to provide fine art prints on high-quality archival canvas and photo paper, as well as a variety of other mediums to grace your home, office, lodge, board-room or company walls.

Digital Imagery For Commercial And Editorial Licensing

All digital images on this website can be used under the license agreement for your editorial or commercial applications, please contact me for a quote so I can assist you with your needs. Fees for a specific project are based on the use of the images. The digital images are the intellectual property of Craig Fouché Photography. Terms and conditions can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You will find my prices at Craig Fouché Photography are competitive and the images very unique. All of my licensing is done through me personally, I don’t sell my images to any of the stock photo websites.