Aerial Photography


Aerial Photography

A erial Photography is something special, one is able to capture a unique image that otherwise would not have been possible on the ground. I have not used drones to capture my images, but rather prefer helicopters, gyrocopters or microlights for their ease of maneuverability. Helicopters can spend a longer time in the air and have the capacity to carry more equipment, hover in one spot, unlike fixed-wing aircraft that need to keep moving. This means the photographer can alternate between cameras, and change lenses while in the air, with the help of an assistant. Depending on what I am flying in, I like to plan ahead and have the lenses already attached to the camera bodies I would be using, which eliminates a lens falling out the aircraft. Another option is in a hot air balloon, being a much slower relaxing form of aerial photography, you are able to take your time to capture those unique moments at a much reduced price in comparison to a helicopter.

Here we get to see the world from another perspective. My form of aerial photography is landscapes and sports photography. I am always looking to create a unique image, discover something new, see something in a different way and dare to be different. My first experience with aerial photography was in 2001 when I was involved with Hunters Gold Sea Rescue. At the time there was a local competition being run in East-London, South-Africa. During one of our patrols, we were returning to base along the coast, I had my camera with me and was able to capture some really amazing images. The breakwater wall had been shot many times over, but always from land, I had the opportunity to capture something special from the air during strong winds, that was very unique. I used Agfa Ultra 50 film with a Pentax MZ50 body and ended up winning the competition. Click here to read more about it.

Later in 2010 my wife and I went to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, where again a helicopter was used to capture some special shots of the falls in full flow. On the ground, we were “rained out” from the mist spray, not much could be seen, however from the air, it was spectacular, as the whole of the Victoria Falls could be experienced in all its grandeur.

Recently, I have completed a shoot of the Cape Peninsula, with an upcoming shoot of the Boland.

Aerial photography is an expensive form of photography, and is not something I shoot everyday; be that as it may, the satisfaction and results are second to none, as the angles of the shots are very different from the regular views and images that one is accustomed to!

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