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Family Portraiture Shoot – The Smith Family

Family Portraiture Shoot - The Smith Family What a lovely family the The Smiths are! And a unique one too! It was an absolute pleasure to photograph this special family in my studio, as it was a family and maternity portraiture shoot all in one. We have known each other for approximately seven years now and a family shoot has been long in the making. They have a fantastic story to tell, and enjoy life to the full. Warren is an artist and a friend of note, someone I can always depend upon. Géne is a budding photographer and mom to be. Richard is a special child in many ways. Quite excitable, funny, intelligent and really nice to be around. As a family they enjoy the outdoors, going hiking in the Worcester mountains and surrounds, photography, capturing beautiful images of the Karoo and coast and enjoying life to the full. Their life is changing as they prepare for their new arrival. Richard is so excited, Géne has been documenting the progress of her pregnancy, while Warren has been busy preparing the nursery for the special day. This baby is extra special to them, because Richard's identical twin premature brother passed away at 2 months, while still being in hospital. This pregnancy really is a blessing and enormous gift. When Warren and Géne fell in love, it was love  at first sight and they will be celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary on Monday 9th October. Géne says: "It's great being married to my best friend!" I am looking forward to a follow up maternity studio session with Géne, just before baby is born, as well as once the baby is born. Come and celebrate this wonderful family with the images that have been captured. My gear I used for this shoot was a Nikon D5 and a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G Lens. I also used two 165cm strip boxes by Phottix, along with my Elinchrom D-Lite RX 2/4 studio lighting. Click on the images below to view an enlarged single image. All my images are available for purchase as prints. Digital images can be used under license agreement. Should you wish to purchase or license my images, please click here for more information, so I can assist you with your needs. Newsletter Please subscribe me to your newsletter informing me of all new workshops, activities, products and upcoming events. Subscribe Newsletter Please subscribe to my newsletter which will inform you of any new workshops, activities, products and upcoming events. Subscribe

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