Since the advent of mobile camera phones, photography has been made more readily available to the normal man on the street. Those that choose to make a profession from it, usually invest heavily in their education, equipment and the art of running a business. The hobbyist, is not concerned with the top of the range equipment and are usually looking more to improve their craft at capturing amazing images. This is why I run workshops, knowledge is power.

Photography is one of the most readily available and accessible forms of creative expression, and many of us have used cameras since we can remember and have been old enough to hold one in our hands. Craig Fouché Photography offers workshops, either on a one-on-one basis or in a group format. I am here to show you how you can get the most out of your camera, by taking creative control of it and getting you started on your own image-making adventure!

All my workshops are hands-on and full of activities and shoots. During my workshops, I tend to take a relaxed approach to teaching. When the workshop is relaxed, I find the learning curve is heightened and it makes the experience much more fun! I explain everything in everyday language to make sure you understand all the key ideas and concepts you need to learn. Your classroom is in the field, not in a room, you learn by doing and you will have plenty opportunities to put what you have learned into practice and to refine your skills!

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Please contact me for all your workshop requirements. The calendar below lists my scheduled workshops, more workshops will be added as I diversify my locations and content on offer.

Craig Fouché Photography On Workshop – © Dawie Malan


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The calendar below lists my scheduled workshops, cycle through the months to see what is upcoming. More workshops are being developed, do watch out for them as they roll out, subscribe to my newsletter and be the first to know.

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Craig Fouché Photography in proud association with Rogge Cloof Private Sutherland Estate, an upmarket, exceptional standards establishment reserve near Sutherland, present their second astrophotography workshop for 2018 and Rogge Cloof Private Sutherland Estate’s second photographic workshop.[...]
Rogge Cloof

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