Fine Art Prints

Please read about my products, sales and services I offer below.

Sales & Prints

I am able to provide fine art prints on high-quality archival canvas and photo paper, as well as a variety of other mediums to grace your home, office, lodge, board-room or company walls. Prints are much more than a mere reproduction of an image. It is the culmination of the inspiration and vision of the photographer, that should move and speak to you as the viewer. It is a vital and necessary part of the whole creative photographic process, and is the final step which is the completed image displayed for all to see and appreciate.

Some of my prints appear in the offices of Basra Gas Company – Iraq, which is a Shell joint venture company, Dubai, Israel, New Zealand and locally in South-Africa. I have a number of very proud and satisfied, local and international clients who have placed orders with me. My works are continuing to grow from strength to strength, as this is a work in progress; so is my client base. I handle each order personally and will work with you to select the best size and print medium for your art. I have a few choice printing companies that I work with for all my printing and framing needs.

Some of my work is available locally at various galleries and restaurants to view and purchase.

Digital Imagery For Commercial And Editorial Licensing

All digital images on this website can be used under license agreement for your editorial or commercial applications, please contact me for a quote so I can assist you with your needs. Fees for a specific project are based on the use of the images. The digital images are the intellectual property of Craig Fouché Photography. Terms and conditions can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Here is some useful information that will help you when requesting a quotation:

  • The name of your business and or the name of the business that you will be using the images for
  • An approximate number of prints you will want to make (catalogs, brochures, etc…)
  • The size you want to print the image at (brochure, poster, billboard, etc…)
  • The web address where the photos will be used (web use only)
  • The period of time you would like to license the images for (web use only, discounts available if licensing for multiple years)

You will find my prices are competitive and the images very unique.  All of my licensing is done through me personally, I don’t sell my images to any of the stock photo websites.

Please contact me for all your above photographic requirements.

Client’s Digital Sales Galleries

I use Nikon Image Space to display my galleries, the galleries are private and are not downloadable. I use this system for sporting events, portraiture etc.

  • I will provide you with a link to your gallery
  • You will then be required to present me with the image numbers for your purchases in the format of your choice: i.e. digital, canvas, glass prints etc.
  • You will then be invoiced accordingly
  • Your images will delivered in the appropriate time frame as discussed via email if they are needed to be printed.

Due to the nature of custom photography, all images / sales are final and cannot be cancelled should you order any framing, canvasses, prints or photobooks. Your USB and additional products may be collected by arrangement or couriered to you at local courier rates.


I am available for a one-on-one session with you, it would be great to hear what your needs are, so we can get together and fulfill those areas you need help in. Do take a look at my dedicated Workshops page for upcoming group workshops.

Please contact me for all your above photographic requirements.


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