Local – Sutherland – Rogge Cloof

Northern Cape – Sutherland Photography Workshop at Rogge Cloof Private Sutherland Estate

Date: 26-28 April 2019
Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
Duration: Weekend
Workshop Cost: ZAR 5000.00 per person Includes Course Materials, Instruction and Workshop Fees, separate from accommodation booking.
Workshop Size: Maximum of 5

Accommodation Cost: Book directly with Rogge Cloof, 20% discount for workshop attendees.
Meals: Self-catering, or at Rogge Brood restaurant if 6 or more attend for own account.
Venue: Rogge Cloof Private Sutherland Estate, Northern Cape, Sutherland, South-Africa
Registration: http://www.craigfouche.co.za/local-sutherland-rogge-cloof/

Accommodation Booking: info@roggecloof.com
Contact Us: http://www.craigfouche.co.za/lets-connect/

Rogge Cloof Workshop Trailer

Milky Way Panorama

Craig Fouché Photography in proud association with Rogge Cloof Private Sutherland Estate, an upmarket, exceptional standards establishment reserve near Sutherland, present another astrophotography workshop at Rogge Cloof Private Sutherland Estate. Here you will not only have the opportunity to photograph the night skies, but also the opportunity to photograph both landscapes and wildlife on the reserve.

Come and learn Milky Way and night sky photography while exploring South Africa’s finest and darkest skies in the Upper Karoo near Sutherland – South Africa’s premier night photography destination.

The main thrust of the workshop will be astrophotography, with landscapes and wildlife as an added extra. The game are not quite yet accustomed to humans and vehicles and can be skittish at times. There is a diversity of birdlife, and for the birders, this is a treat as there is resident secretary bird on location. For more information on birds click here.

If you have seen these images and ever wondered how to capture them with your own camera, you will learn to master night photography camera settings, photo editing in Photoshop, and advanced planning techniques allowing you to easily find the Milky Way and clear dark skies. Should you be a seasoned and experienced photographer, Rogge Cloof Private Sutherland Estate offers you the best of the Karoo night skies, with minimal light pollution to afford you the most rewarding imagery under crispy, cold and clear night skies imaginable. That is of course under favourable weather conditions. Even under partly cloudy or partially moonlit skies, one can still create spectacular images.


The Milky Way and the Windmill by Moonlight

I am really excited to bring you another fantastic workshop and tour experience for 2019. It is an informal workshop with a practical instruction element to it. Group sizes are very small and limited to a first come first serve basis, allowing a more personal one-on-one experience.

As a photographer, some geographic regions beckon your return, they simply speak to you. Year after year, through changing seasons, conditions, weather patterns, and daily struggles there is that calling to return to capture something that you may have missed on your previous visit, or a new concept that you had in mind, that would be appropriate for that location.

These special places become part of you, and they are reflected in the work or images that you produce. They call you back, for more backpacking adventures, for more solo journeys through the wilderness, for more road trips through the roads sometimes less travelled with your friends.

For me, these quiet, still places is where I find my inspiration from Nature and are refreshed when I need to take a deep breath. They have become part of who I am and taught me more than any textbook or class ever will. I take tours here because these places call me back year after year.

I’m delighted to share this amazing workshop experience with other passionate photographers, who love the call of adventure, learning new things, and spending night after night, under a canopy of stars, far away from the noise of daily life and the city lights.

Rogge Cloof Private Sutherland Estate

How To Get There

The easiest way to get to Sutherland is to fly to Cape Town, South Africa, if you have to travel from abroad, with car hire services available at the Cape Town International Airport. There is also a nearby airfield for light aircraft if you wish to charter a light aircraft or helicopter. By road, depending on the route you take, it is approximately 350km from Cape Town, or 380km via the historic Ouberg Pass through Tankwa National Park for more spectacular Karoo scenery travelling off the beaten track. The shorter route is entirely by tar, taking the N1 north from Cape Town, turning off at the infamous historical Victorian hamlet of Matjiesfontein, it is then a further 110km to Sutherland. The second route is on gravel roads and more adventurous. Details will be included in your preparation guidebook.

Ouberg Pass – Looking Into The Tankwa Karoo Basin


The origins of the farm and dark sky reserve Rogge Cloof (Afrikaans for “rye ravine”) date back to 1756 when Joachim Scholtz, the son of German and Nordic immigrants to Africa, acquired the property.

Since then over more than 250 years, various owners have loved, nurtured and developed these hostile lands enduring lions, droughts, snow and freezing winds. Located at an altitude of between 1400 to 1700 metres, with magnificent clear skies and expansive plains, Rogge Cloof Private Sutherland Estate is truly home to the greatest heavens on earth!

The Area

Rogge Cloof Private Sutherland Estate is located in the Roggeveld (Afrikaans for “rye field”), a plateau located in the Karoo region of the Northern Cape, South Africa.

The name comes from wild rye which was once plentiful in the area. The Roggeveld Mountains, lying west of the plateau in the Northern Cape, are named after it.

The range forms the western escarpment of the eponymous Roggeveld plateau, and separates it from the lower lying Tankwa Karoo to the west. Its highest peak is Sneeukop (1739 m), situated northwest of Sutherland and to the southwest lies Salpeterkop (1727 m), a very distinctive conical mountain to the east of town which is visible for kilometres.

This is an extinct volcano – the southernmost volcano and presumably the last volcano in South Africa to have been active. Rogge Cloof Private Estate Sutherland has a view of the brightest Star Plains of the Great Karoo skies in the heart of the Upper Karoo.


Gemini – Castor Family Unit

Sleeps: 12


The Gemini’s – Pollux and Castor

Gemini – Castor is a spacious Family Unit which has 4 ‘rooms’ and can comfortably accommodate 12 people.
The layout is as follows:
Downstairs: 1 King en-suite room, 1 room (2 single beds) with private bathroom.
Upstairs: 2 loft rooms with 3 x single beds each with 2 Day Beds in living areas.
Living area and kitchen.
Uncapped, free Wi-Fi; No TV.
Outside stoep for relaxation and armchair-game viewing.

Gemini – Pollux Family Unit

Sleeps: 12

4 Bed Loft Accommodation

2 Single Bed Bedroom with En-suite Bathroom

King Size Bedroom with En-suite Bathroom

En-suite Bathroom

Spacious Kitchen and Diningroom, Loft Upstairs

Livingroom with Fireplace, 2 Sleeper Couches, Second Loft Upstairs

Gemini – Pollux is a spacious Family Unit which has 4 ‘rooms’ and can comfortably accommodate 12 people.
The layout is as follows:
Downstairs: 1 King en-suite room, 1 room (2 single beds) with private bathroom.
Upstairs: 2 loft rooms with 3 x single beds each with 2 Day Beds in living areas.
Living area and kitchen.
Uncapped, free Wi-Fi; No TV.
Outside stoep for relaxation and armchair-game viewing.


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