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Feb 6, 2017

Camera Strapz


I recently ordered eleven custom designed camera straps from Vicki Street of Camera Strapz.


Shooting from the top of Cayan Tower Dubai, UAE

I found her services very good and can recommend anyone that is looking for a custom designed camera strap to get in touch with her. The turn around time is very quick depending on your design. One will receive constant updates from Vicki regarding the progress of the design, as well as a test image for your approval.

Design Preview

Design Preview

Once that is done, it gets sent off to the embroiderers for image conversion to stitching format; a *.dst file. I requested my *.dst file for further usage, that being for branded shirts and clothing.

Stitching Software

I use my gear both locally and internationally, and felt confident when shooting from the Cayan Tower in Dubai, UAE, which is some 77 levels tall; inside the Burj al Arab – the worlds first 7 star hotel; and the Dubai Autodrome, and locally, that my camera strap would do the job it is meant to do.

The Product

It is made from good quality leather, nylon webbing and fabric; the stitching is strong, and you can rest assured that your expensive camera gear wont take a tumble once correctly secured. Each camera strap is backed with choice leather for comfort and durability. When it comes to design, whatever your logo or branding, Vicki will be able to help you there. Some designs range from birds for birders, camera brand names, peoples names etc, just be creative and if it can be stitched, it will be done for you!

Shooting inside the Burj al Arab, Dubai, UAE

Custom camera straps can be made as scarfs, paracord wrist straps, regular leather and cloth straps, even African beaded straps! This is a brilliant way to show your brand off, and to look professional as well. I chose to label my camera bodies, add my brand logo too, it makes it easier for me to see which body I am taking out of my bag.

Dubai Autodrome, Dubai, UAE

Contact Vicki

She is based in Pietermaritzburg, KZN, South-Africa, have a look at her website and Facebook page for more information, copy the links below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/camerastrapz/about/

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CAMERASTRAPZ?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Acknowledgements: Images not watermarked with my watermark belong to Vicki Street of Camera Strapz.


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Craig Fouché, Dubai 24H, Dubai Autodrome, UAE
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2017 CREVENTIC 24H Endurance Series – 24H Dubai Round 1 Rooftop Photography in Dubai 2017
2017 CREVENTIC 24H Endurance Series – 24H Dubai Round 1
Rooftop Photography in Dubai 2017

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    how to order strap like yours?..nikon f5 f6 d50 ..and its ready stock and price?

    • (Administrator)

      Hi Zack
      Vicki of Camera Strapz is the owner of the company where I bought mine, do get in touch with her via email: vicki street .
      All straps are custom made to your design.
      Thanks for reading my blog!


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