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Ientered a local photographic online competition called my360 Take Your Best Shot held in my home town East-London, South-Africa in early September 2014. Pollocks Photography have been a longstanding name for over 30 years in East-London when it comes to photography; this is not my first competition that I have entered with them. Not expecting much, I was quite amazed that my image landed a first place slot in the October finals in the Landscape Online entry. Landscape Online Barkley-East, South-Africa The image was taken in 2005 on my way to a farmer in the Barkley-East District, it was my first visit there. I was totally amazed by the volume of new scenes that were presented to me, as around every corner something breathtaking was unfolding before me. Needless to say it took longer than expected to arrive at my destination. I then went on to enter four more images in the print section and are awaiting the outcome of their standings there. The whole focus of this competition for me is name and brand building, winning is a bonus. The categories I entered in the print section are Wildlife, Abstract and Landscape / Seascape; these images can been seen at the Vincent Park Mall where Pollocks have their display. I am waiting for them to update the images on their Facebook page. Below are the images I entered: Abstract Print Pastoral, Overberg, South Africa Wildlife Print Leopard, Madikwe Private Game Reserve, Mosetlha, South-Africa Lion at a Zebra Kill, Madikwe Private Game Reserve, Mosetlha, South-Africa Seascape Print Tsaarsbank, West Coast National Park, South-Africa So, let's wait out until the judges decision is final, the competition ends 28th February 2015. I will do a follow up post with my results outcome.  

Welcome to Craig Fouché Photography

Welcome to Craig Fouché Photography This website originally began on 13 October 2014 to showcase my work; at the same time I launched my Facebook and Twitter page to announce this new beginning. Things ran well for the website, until a bored hacker with a devilish, destructive intent decided that stealing all my content, that being image, textual content and pre-release blogs from my site on 5 Jan 2015 was his mission for the day! This involved me cancelling my ISP, finding a new one in Germany, rather than South-Africa, where I currently have super service and support. Once acquired I began the tedious task of a complete make over and rebuild from scratch. It is only in calamity that one can see how much support you really have; the photographic community who know me, responded immediately to this, offering all kinds of help, support and advice in all aspects of this disaster. Craig Fouché Shooting Landscapes in Tankwa Karoo - ©2014 Dominique Fouché So to tell you a bit about myself, I am a South-African photographer based in Worcester in the Winelands region of the Western-Cape of South-Africa. I am registered with Nikon as a Nikon Professional User or NPU. I began photography in 1999 after a trip to the Kruger National Park, waited for hours on end to capture a glossy book image of a hippo yawning in the water (all on a point and shoot film camera). I was so excited that perseverance paid off and I got the shot...after processing the image to find that the hippo was the size of a tip of a  match stick in a postcard sized image! That was a game changer from happy snappy shots to buying my first SLR camera, a Pentax MZ-50. I joined ELPS where my steep learning photographic curve started. During that time I also entered a few local competitions and won! I later bought a more professional Nikon F90X body & that's where I could see the difference in the quality of lenses and equipment for the work I was producing. It wasn't long before I bought my first DSLR - the Nikon D70 around June 2003. I used to only shoot in *.jpeg, and had no idea about editing as we do today, Adobe Camera Raw was invented later that year in November 2003. After a recent trip to Croatia in July 2013, did I go and buy new Nikon gear for both myself and my wife. It was a wonderful holiday and learning curve all the same, since I had put my earlier gear in cotton wool in 2005. It feels good to be able to shoot again! Networking with the right people, learning from DVD's and even being a part of various photographic forums an Facebook has taught me so much. One is able to gauge the level of skill, expertise and high quality work out there that is now the benchmark one should aspire to attain or improve on. As you can see from my website, I am capable of shooting a wide variety of subjects. This website and my photography is a constant work in progress.

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